Talin’s musical compositions

This page contains links to MP3 files of my musical compositions. All of the pieces are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribute License, which means that you are free to copy them and share them with others, as long as you give me credit for creating them. (The files have credits within them, so if you just want to download and play them, or send them to a friend, you don’t have to do anything extra.)

Recent Work

I’m not a prolific composer – I only do about one song a year. It’s not that it takes me a year to do a song – it only takes a few days in fact. But inspiration doesn’t strike all that often. Anyway, here’s my most recent work:

  • Aurora [mp3] – NEW – Swirling, whirling dance of light!
  • Serpentine [mp3] – NEW – Your belly-dancing friends will probably want to hear this.

Destination: Mind

“Destination: Mind” is the name of a hypothetical “album” of trance and pop music. As I slowly gather together enough songs to make up an album’s worth, I hope to eventually release them as a collection. The name is a tribute to the 1950 film “Destination Moon”, which was based on the work of Robert Heinlein and Chesley Bonestell.

  • The Tie Dyed Jig [mp3] – After a long hiatus, a new tune. This zesty, energetic jig sports a melange of influences, everything from surf rock to Mike Oldfield.
  • From Here On Out – Unplugged Mix [mp3] – This is the same tune but done with more acoustic-sounding instruments, which several people have said they like much better.
  • From Here On Out [mp3] – The name has double meaning. It represents both an expansion of perspective, ranging from our limited experience here on Earth to the farthest reaches of the universe, and it also represents the future – meaning, “from now on” – and expresses the hope that all of our lives, from here on out, will be as joyous and celebratory as this song is.
  • Anousheh’s Journey [mp3] – I recently saw a presentation by Anousheh Ansari, and I was so taken by both her dedication and her beauty that I decided to name this tune in her honor.The rythmic style of the piece is kind of a “trance polka”, where the strong, tonal offbeat carries the baseline melody. The main melody is my standard reel/fugue style of composition. The staccato accompaniment is similar to the one in Warflower, where I’ve been playing around with trancelike “morse code” rythyms.Update: Changed the ending to make it a bit more interesting.
  • Warflower [mp3] – The ancient weapon begins to awaken from its long slumber, and begins its inexorable deployment. A more post-industrial sound, but still lots of melody and beat.
  • Sleepy Maggie / Dick Gossip’s / Cooley’s Reel [mp3] – A trio of traditional Irish reels, done in a techno-pop style.
  • Manifest Density [mp3] – This started as an experiment with various melodic ornaments borrowed from traditional scottish music (i.e. the ‘trills’ that you often hear played on bagpipes and pennywhistles.)
  • Dynamice [mp3] – This one is mostly just playing around with various percussion sounds.
  • LightSpinner [mp3] – Kind of a Jan Hammer / Trance-Pop sounding piece. Upbeat and danceable.

Miscellaneous Tunes

  • Helix [mp3] – I did this one back in the late 80s I think, and only recently updated it to use new instruments (I don’t have the old MIDI instruments any more.) The unusual thing about this piece is that it’s written in 7/4 time (alternating bars of 4/4 and 3/4, also known as “broken time”.)
  • Elf March [mp3] – The road goes ever on, down from the door where it begins.

The Faery Tale Adventure

These are old tunes from my 1986 Amiga game, The Faery Tale Adventure. By popular demand (i.e. dozens of emails over the last 20 years) I’ve been working on converting them into a form which can be played on modern platforms.

  • Daytime Travel Theme [mp3] – NEW – this is the theme that you hear when you are walking around the wilderness in the daytime. Several people have told me that they can’t get this melody out of their heads.

Note that I’m still in the process of making final tweaks to these tunes, and I will update the mp3 files to the latest version as I do so.