What, you don’t have an RSS reader?

Two words: Google Reader.

These days, I pretty much ignore any blog that doesn’t have an RSS or Atom feed. Who wants to spend 20 minutes every day checking all their favorite web sites to see which ones have updated?

Up to this point, I’ve been using Safari (yes, the web browser that comes with OS X) as my preferred RSS reader – it beats the pants off of Firefox 2.0. However, it looks like the newly redesigned Google Reader may be the new champion – its dirt simple to use, and organizes my feeds in exactly the way I like them. Specifically – I want to see a summary of the latest stories in a single page, not just the titles. I want to read the stories continuously down the page, not open a separate page for each story. And so on.

Highly recommended.

2 Responses to “What, you don’t have an RSS reader?”

  1. Robert McNally Says:

    Doesn’t Safari do this?

  2. Talin Says:

    It does indeed, which is what I like about it. But it fails in one important aspect – I can’t use it at work 🙂

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